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Balloon TV Ad

As part of their rebrand from Islamic Bank of Britain, Al Rayan approached us to create a TV ad to coincide with Ramadan. The advert needed to convey the key message that Al Rayan’s Sharia-compliant finance is the right choice both for Muslims, and ethically-minded non-Muslims.

The ‘Balloon’ idea was chosen from a range of concepts that we presented to the client. The balloon in the ad represents the elusiveness of ‘doing the right thing’, which is of course then attained in the final shot.

“Throughout the duration of the project, Big Button worked with commitment and with an understanding of what we were trying to achieve. It was apparent that everybody who worked on the project was dedicated to creating a high quality production.

Anecdotal results seem very positive; YouTube and Facebook views of the commercial passed fifteen thousand in the first month and web searches for ‘Al Rayan Bank’ have increased sharply.”

Project Details

Client : Al Rayan Bank
Genre : TV Commercial
Results : 15K social views in first month

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